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We’re proud of the friendly people that make up Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Company. They love to fish. They love fish. C’mon in, sit down and get to know us.

Tony Wood – Owner / Fisherman:

Wild Alaska Salmon and Seafood’s fearless leader, Tony Wood, has never been a stranger to the great outdoors. Having grown up in the Midwest, fishing, hiking and hunting were commonplace. This desire to travel and conquer the unknown led him to Alaska where he felt right at home. Over the next several years, his travels and growing knowledge of the Alaskan outdoors presented a great business opportunity: guiding and flying outsiders to some of the best resorts, hunting and fishing locations in Southwest Alaska.

When guiding hours were over, Tony relaxed by fishing some of best Salmon waters in the world, bringing his catch home for family and friends to enjoy. He joked that people requested his fish so often, he would have to quit his guiding business to keep pace with the demand. Ironically, he ended up doing just that.

Heather Huffman – Owner/Manager:

Heather has known Tony for quite some time. Long enough to trade a comfortable desk job and the niceties of the big city for daily adventures with Tony & the Wild Alaska Salmon & Seafood crew that include among other things, chasing bears away from the days catch, coordinating vast shipments of fish and seafood, and trying to get a better internet signal to keep in touch with the rest of the world. Heather brings an element of unbelievable organization and friendly character to a business that’s typically a little rough around the edges…for obvious reasons.

Todd Brewer – Deckhand:

Todd is a repeat crewmember and good friend of Tony who also calls Alaska his home for part of the year after the fishing season is over. He rolls with the tide and long hours but the hectic pace of fishing always seems to make him forget what day it is.

Chris Hunt – Deckhand:

Chris is also a returning crewmember. Long before any other crewmembers arrive, Chris can be found here in Alaska getting a head start by chasing one of the few available Alaskan gals, preparing the boat for the fishing season as well as adding a few bonus luxuries – such as extra bunks for short naps while fishing. Chris has the unique talent of being able to come up with a song line for any conversation/situation and has mastered the talent of “singing” fish into the boat.

Mike Cassidy - Deckhand/Processor:

Mike has always been very familiar to the outdoors. When he asked for a chance to work in Alaska, boy he got it. Long hours on the boat, processing fish, dodging wild sweat. As long as he can get at least three square meals a day, he keeps on going.

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